21 Day Trial Information

Now’s Your Chance To Tryout For The Most Exclusive Fitness Program In Lincoln For 21 Days!

Thanks for your interest in our boot camps!

We only work with highly motivated, hard working individuals looking to maximize their potential and become walking, talking billboards for our fitness boot camps.

However, our program is not for everyone.Bootcamp Tools

If you are just looking for workouts or another quick fix… this program is NOT for you!

This is a complete lifestyle program that includes our proprietary integrated rapid fat loss training AND nutrition system to deliver the fastest, most lasting results around for our valued members.

You MUST be willing to actively engage in the nutritional component of this program if you want to be a member of this premier fitness club.

Only the most determined individuals make it through the first few weeks of our program… but those that stick it out will have the elite bodies to show for it- it’s just that simple.

We will extend to you a special 21 Day Trial to determine if you are the right fit for our program. If you pass this 21 Day Challenge, then and only then will we extend you the privilege of becoming a Capital City Boot Camp Member.

But again, not everyone will past this test… only the best… is that you?

To get started, simply call us today at 402-405-2797 to perform an initial phone interview with a Capital City Boot Camp coach to deem if you are a good fit for our program.

Make the right choice and allow yourself to see what you and your body is capable of.

We offer the best personal training in Lincoln for less than the third the cost, but don’t take our word for it… come and see for yourself.

Get After It!

– Mike Bevard, CPT
Capital City Boot Camps Founder

PS- Please call us at 402-405-2797 or email us at capitalcitybootcamps@gmail.com if you have any questions about trying out for our program. To be added to the waiting list for the next trial, please call us today!