Spotlight Sunday: Greg’s Amazing Transformation!

We have something very exciting to announce! We are starting a new series called “Spotlight Sunday’s” where we choose a client to share their story on our blog!
We are extremely excited to feature some of our awesome members of the CCBC Family and allow them to share their story and what has helped them along in their journey through fitness and life.
It’s also an awesome way to congratulate them on their accomplishments and inspire others who are wanting to make a change.
We truly appreciate each and every one of you, so this won’t be an easy decision to make in the coming weeks, but we’re up for the challenge!
For our very first “Spotlight Sunday” we’ve chose Greg Smith!
Greg has been training with the 7:30pm Crew for the past 8 months and always works his butt off and has seen some amazing results! gregbefore1He’s always pumped up for the day’s workout and keeps everybody motivated by encouraging them and leading by example.
Check out what Greg has to say in his own words below- enjoy!

Greg’s Story:

I started my 21 day trial membership with Mike at Capital City Boot Camps (CCBC) in January of 2013 due largely in part to the results of my last few physicals as well as the urging of my wife Kristy and my sister Pam. 
Do to my “diet” or lack thereof; I was overweight pushing 200lbs on 5’-5” frame and recently was placed on high blood pressure medicine.  I had no energy outside of work; breathing was becoming difficult when doing things such as walking up steps, walking short distances and working around our family farm.  I had gone from a 34” waist to a 38” waist in a few short years and was steadily moving up to the next pant size.  At the age of 45 I felt that I shouldn’t have issues like this.
My sister Pam had been a member at CCBC since September and kept encouraging me to try out boot camp.  Frankly I was scared at what I would find out about my physical condition and kept putting off joining for one reason or another.
Due to an upcoming family vacation in July to Cancun I decided to give CCBC a try.  I had seen the amazing transformation in my sister and realized that I had a few months to make a change.  I figured that I may be able to drop a few pounds and get in reasonable shape for the beach.  I had no idea that 4 weeks later I would have prepaid for a year’s membership at CCBC due to my own transformation both in body and mind that occurred in such a short time!
The road to where I currently am has not been easy to say the least.  When I first got started I had a condition called exercise induced asthma.  Basically breathing becomes difficult while working out.  I struggled with this for the first few months but the process that I used to get over this condition was challenging myself during each session and pushing myself to overcome it which I eventually did.
I remember during one of my first workouts I was having difficulty getting through it when Heather, another 7:30pm crew member noticed me struggling.  Heather came over and stood in front of me, she encouraged me to keep going and do the best I could.  Before I knew it we were done and doing our after workout stretches.  The encouragement I got from Heather during that workout inspired me to join CCBC.
All the members of the 7:30 class are an amazing group of people.  All are very encouraging, supportive and helpful.  The atmosphere in our class is reflective in the other classes I’ve attended as well; people want to be at boot camp!   
I have been with CCBC for 8 months now, I’ve lost 40lbs, dropped my cholesterol from 232 to 178 and recently have been taken off my high blood pressure medication.  Below are my results over the last several months to show the progress that can be made if you challenge yourself, stay determined, work hard and GET AFTER IT!
  • Dropped 6.5 inches in my waist
  • Lost 3.5 inches on my hips and chest in 4 months
  • Went from 195 pounds to 154 pounds in 8 months
I contribute the improvements I’ve made not only due to my hard work but largely to Mike’s dedication and ability in keeping the workouts interesting, challenging and genuinely caring about the people that attend his boot camps.
Mike has taught me how to lead a healthier life style through a balance of diet and exercise and that you must challenge yourself to get the results you desire.  His philosophy is not about losing weight just to be thin or lifting weights just to be ripped but about leading a healthy and fit lifestyle.
As a result of the last several months training with Mike and his assistant trainer Sarah I feel a thousand times better, I eat healthier, I exercise outside of boot camp on a regular basis and I feel my quality of life has substantially improved.
Thanks Mike and Sarah for your continued support, encouragement and dedication to all of us that attend Capital City Boot Camps!

Thank you Greg for sharing your story! Something Greg forgot to mention was how he caught the Obstacle Race bug! He has recently competed in the Warrior Dash along with some other awesome CCBC Family members and is signed up to do more this year! 



Please make sure to leave Greg a comment below for sharing his journey with us!

And if you’d like to try the same 21 Day Trial Greg did, just click the link below to transform your life  and start your journey to becoming our next success story!




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How Much Sugar Are Your Really Drinking!?

Did you know that the average American consumes 100 POUNDS of sugar a year!!! Yep, you read that right!

And if you drink only ONE 20 oz. Coke everyday for a year, you’ll easily pack on 15 lbs of fat!

How much SUGAR is actually in your drinks!? It’s pretty scary!

Check out my nutrition segment on Tuesday’s 1011 News morning show to see how much sugar is actually in some of your favorite drinks!


(To watch just click on the picture below or copy and paste this link into your browser

Do you think consuming too much soda and other sugary drinks are the cause of our increasing obesity rate in America?

Please leave a comment below on your thoughts. And if you found this helpful, feel free to share it!


6 Week Holiday Meltdown Transformation Challenge

Vote For The Grand Prize Winner!

Here’s your chance to vote for who you think had the most dramatic body transformation during our 6-Week Holiday Meltdown Challenge!

The person who gets the most votes will be declared the winner and will get an iPad 2 ($399.99 value), Jungle Gym XT ($99.95 value) and an RBT Total Fitness Package ($131.99 value)!!

(You have until Wednesday, January  9th at midnight (CST) to cast your vote. Voting is open to the public and please only ONE vote per person)


6-Week Holiday Challenge Top 5 Finalists



           Mike Keating


Mike’s 6-Week Results:

Weight Lost- 15.2 Pounds
Body Fat Lost- 4.35%
Inches Lost (Waist, Ab, Hip)- 10 in.















Jen Steffen


Jen’s 6-Week Results:

Weight Lost- 16.8 Pounds
Body Fat Lost- 3.18%
Inches Lost (Waist, Ab, Hip)- 7 in.

Dave Masilko

Dave’s 6-Week Results:

Weight Lost- 14.4 Pounds
Body Fat Lost- 3.32%
Inches Lost (Waist, Ab, Hip)- 5 in.

KC Bunting




KC’s 6-Week Results:

Weight Lost- 18 Pounds
Body Fat Lost- 3.32%
Inches Lost (Waist, Ab, Hip)- 7.5 in.
















 Linda Dawson

Linda’s 6-Week Results:

Weight Lost- 22 Pounds
Body Fat Lost- 2.81%
Inches Lost (Waist, Ab, Hip)- 6.25 in.





















You’ve seen the pictures and measurements, now it’s time to vote for who you think had the most dramatic body transformation during our 6-Week Holiday Transformation Challenge!

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(You have until Wednesday, Jan. 9th at midnight (CST) to cast your vote. Voting is open to the public and please only ONE vote per person)

Good Luck Everybody!!

Get after it!


If you’d like a chance to transform your body like these amazing people and so many more, join our 21-Day Belly Blast Challenge starting January 7th! Come train at the best fat loss program in Lincoln! Contact us at 402-405-2797 or email to learn how you can be on your way to becoming our next success story!


First News Nebraska- “Refueling Your Body After a Workout”

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for another fitness segment on 10-11’s First News Nebraska morning show!

In case you missed it we talked about proper post-workout nutrition, the critical 30 minute “window”, and also gave some tasty recipes for you to try!

Basically, after your workouts, you want to refuel your body so that your muscles can heal up and recover so you’re ready to train hard again during your next session.

Your main focus should  be carbs and protein. Yes, it’s ok to have some simple carbs at this time, but make sure you do it within 30 minutes after your workout! It’s all about timing folks!

The proper ratio is 2:1 of carbs to protein. So for example, if there’s 20 grams of carbs, you should also have 10 grams of protein.

There are 3 common things that people do to sabotage their results and basically throw their workout out the window, but I will touch on that in another post this week! 🙂

For now, you can view the video at the bottom of this post or click the link below:

Refueling Your Body

You can catch me every Tuesday at 6:20am on 10-11’s First News Nebraska show giving you great tips on fitness and nutrition! And feel free to check out the “videos” section on their website to view our past fitness segments!


Fittest Team Challenge Final Scores

Happy Friday!!

The Fittest Team Challenge has come to an end and the winners have been crowned!

What an awesome contest we just wrapped up! Thanks so much to everybody who participated!

Here’s a quick summary of what the 4 week challenge was all about.

54 contestants battled to win the title of the “Fittest Team” and win over $700 in cash and prizes!

Unlike most challenges that are transformation based where weight loss, % body fat, and inches determine the winner, this challenge is different in that it’s performance based and each contestant is given a score for 5 different exercises that test their overall strength, endurance, and will power!

The contest is divided into three divisions, Men, Women and Co-ed.

The team in each division with the highest score will win $200 cash and the team with the biggest improvement will win $100 cash!

The competition was fierce and everybody trained hard and saw huge performance increases during their final test outs!

EVERY SINGLE PERSON improved their scores during the finals not to mention saw some amazing body transformations in the process! 

Check out the winners and final standings by clicking the links below!

Men’s Division Finals

Women’s Division Finals

Co-Ed Division Finals

Most Improved Team