21 Day Belly Blast Challenge

21 Day Belly Blast FAQ

Thank you for your interest in Capital City Fitness!


1) When can I start the 21 Day Belly Blast Program?

This program can be used during the beginning of each 4 week phase of training.

2) Where is Capital City Fitness located?

We are located in our new state-of-the-art transformation center at the Clock Tower Plaza on 70th and A.

3) Do you have showers/locker rooms?

We have bathrooms, which you can change in, but no lockers/showers.

4) Can I just come to training or are there specific start dates?

Our training is based on a three week rotation. As a result, you must enter during one of the start dates that you can view by CLICKING HERE. If you pick a start date, but can’t attend the first Monday or Wednesday, just shoot us an email. You can still do the course and get a training effect if you just miss one or two classes. If you are chronically missing classes however, of course, that diminishes any results. You must register before attending.

5) How do I register?

Fill out the form below. If a date is sold out, you will be notified by one of our coaches and added to our “Wait List” and will be contacted if a spot frees up in the next session. We do not take registrations over the phone.

Fill out the online form.

6) What do I need to bring?

Optional but recommended:

  • A water bottle
  • A sweat towel

7) What do I wear?

Comfortable, breathable clothing. Nothing so huge that we cannot observe your movement. CLEAN sneakers, please do not track mud, dirt and pebbles into the facility. In the winter, we have a no outside shoes policy. If you wear them out in the snow/rain, they cannot be worn into the gym.

8 ) When are classes?

Classes are offered various times Mon-Fri. You choose one of the following times when you register: 5am, 5:45am, 9am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30pm or 7:30pm . This deal gives you access to up to 3 workouts per week depending on availability for three consecutive weeks followed by one week of “Tune-Up” workouts.

During the “Tune-Up” week, you will also get access to one week of a self-guided recovery program and on-site training on Tuesday and Thursday at 5am, 5:45am, 4:30pm, 5:30pm.

9) What is the fitness level required for this class?

These classes are pretty intense. These classes suit those who have had some level of sports or consistent athletic activity at some point in their lives. If you are rusty, or haven’t done anything in a long time, that is ok! We modify to fit all levels. If you are 50+ pounds overweight, have severe joint issues or are highly uncoordinated, we recommend personal/ semi-private training as a way to get you started before entering a very intense program. Bottom line – if you like to sweat, feel muscle burn and “get after it,” there is a place for you at Capital City Fitness no matter where you are starting!

10) How long are the sessions?

Each training session is approximately 45 minutes give or take. The only exception is our 5:00am XPress class which is 30 minutes in duration for busy people needing to get to work early.

11) Can I attend different class times throughout the week?

To prevent overcrowding and to keep the coach to student ratio at a safe level, you must select a time and attend only that time. If it is a one-time occurrence (doctor’s appointment), we can usually accommodate, but this is not guaranteed.

13) What if I can’t make all 3 workouts in the week?

The 21 Day Belly Blast Program is for up to three days of class per week for three consecutive weeks followed by one week of recovery. Most people find that three workouts per week is plenty and it’s the most popular choice among our members and they have great results to show for it!

You must choose one time slot that’s available during registration. If you can only make one or two of the classes per week, the daily deal is still a great value if you would like to try us out.

Don’t forget to register below!

Fill out the form below. If a date is sold out, it will not allow you to register and you will have to wait until a spot frees up in the next session. We do not take registrations over the phone.

Fill out the online form.