First News Nebraska- “Refueling Your Body After a Workout”

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for another fitness segment on 10-11’s First News Nebraska morning show!

In case you missed it we talked about proper post-workout nutrition, the critical 30 minute “window”, and also gave some tasty recipes for you to try!

Basically, after your workouts, you want to refuel your body so that your muscles can heal up and recover so you’re ready to train hard again during your next session.

Your main focus should  be carbs and protein. Yes, it’s ok to have some simple carbs at this time, but make sure you do it within 30 minutes after your workout! It’s all about timing folks!

The proper ratio is 2:1 of carbs to protein. So for example, if there’s 20 grams of carbs, you should also have 10 grams of protein.

There are 3 common things that people do to sabotage their results and basically throw their workout out the window, but I will touch on that in another post this week! 🙂

For now, you can view the video at the bottom of this post or click the link below:

Refueling Your Body

You can catch me every Tuesday at 6:20am on 10-11’s First News Nebraska show giving you great tips on fitness and nutrition! And feel free to check out the “videos” section on their website to view our past fitness segments!

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