Fittest Team Challenge Final Scores

Happy Friday!!

The Fittest Team Challenge has come to an end and the winners have been crowned!

What an awesome contest we just wrapped up! Thanks so much to everybody who participated!

Here’s a quick summary of what the 4 week challenge was all about.

54 contestants battled to win the title of the “Fittest Team” and win over $700 in cash and prizes!

Unlike most challenges that are transformation based where weight loss, % body fat, and inches determine the winner, this challenge is different in that it’s performance based and each contestant is given a score for 5 different exercises that test their overall strength, endurance, and will power!

The contest is divided into three divisions, Men, Women and Co-ed.

The team in each division with the highest score will win $200 cash and the team with the biggest improvement will win $100 cash!

The competition was fierce and everybody trained hard and saw huge performance increases during their final test outs!

EVERY SINGLE PERSON improved their scores during the finals not to mention saw some amazing body transformations in the process! 

Check out the winners and final standings by clicking the links below!

Men’s Division Finals

Women’s Division Finals

Co-Ed Division Finals

Most Improved Team

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