2012 Transformation Contest Winner….

Congratulations to Derek Dibbern for taking home the Grand Prize of $1000 Cash!


Derek kicked some serious butt, along with all the other contestants in our 56 Day New Year Revolution Challenge!

This was a unique contest where the winner was decided by votes from our CCBC Crew members, along with the friends and family of the contestants. I’m proud of everybody’s hard work and transformations and this challenge was a great way to jump start things and get off to a running start for the 2012 year!

After 3 days of votes pouring in, Derek became the clear winner in the end by grabbing 39% of the votes!

Derek has been attending the 5:30pm crew 3 days per week and absolutely kills it and leaves a pool of sweat as evidence of his hard work! During his off days from boot camp, he consistently did his interval training 2-3 days per week and would keep accountable by checking in with me after he was done. Amazing transformation and keep up the great work Derek!



Runner-Up was Tiffany Maly who had an amazing transformation in 8 weeks! Tiffany is a busy mom of 3 boys but doesn’t let that stop her from training. She’s dedicated to coming to our 6:30pm crew 3 days per week and always finds a way to get in her workouts. Great job Tiffany!


And 3rd Place goes to Todd Hruza! Todd attends our 9am and 6:30pm training sessions 3 times each week and leaves it all in the gym when he’s here! That’s the effort it takes to make changes like this! Congrats on the results Todd!



The 2012 “Best Team Transformation” Goes To…..


Congratulations on taking home the $500 Cash Grand Prize for best team transformation!

The dynamic Trio that makes up TEAM AWESOME is Wendy Kuhn, Jen Kuhn, and Shyann Salas of our 4:30pm Crew! They took the top spot over 6 other teams by having the best overall average of percent weight lost, inches lost and body fat lost! Way to go ladies!



If you’d like to be our next success story just like these local Lincolnites, now’s your chance! Contact Capital City Boot Camps at 402-405-2797 or email us at and start your transformation today!


Jamie on April 13, 2012 at 11:13 am says:

Way to Go!!!!! You all look so great!!

Angela Bloom on April 14, 2012 at 5:03 pm says:

Congratulations to all of you! You ALL did awesome!

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