A Lesson Learned….


I just received this email the other night from one of our valued members:

“ A co-worker decided to try another bootcamp/fitboxing class. A lot of red flags came up. An uncertified instructor, one level for all & a push to do back to back classes. I cautioned her to be careful and hoped she would change her mind and come to a Capital City Boot Camp. Today when she came to work, on crutches, the message was clear. She was pushed to do back to back classes at an intensity too high for her fitness level.

While x-raying her leg, shock ran though my mind. This was not just a sprained knee and ankle! It was a twisted fracture of her fibula.  Surgery is almost warranted and injury to the knee is
still to be determined. A warning to all, not all boot camps are the same or safe! Don’t put your body in the hands of just anyone. Mike, feel free to pass this on. It may be a while before this nurse can exercise again, but my goal is to have her attend a class with a real professional instructor in a safe environment.
Thanks for pushing me to the limit, being aware of my weaknesses, and using your knowledge to provide correct and efficient exercises.”

-Raquel 🙂
Now after I read this I was upset and this is just another example of what’s wrong with the majority of the “boot camps” out there.
Most of the boot camps out there are just glorified aerobics classes trying to do cookie cutter workouts with the main goal of just getting you TIRED! Anybody can make you do hundreds of pushups and situps and make you tired…that’s not how it should be done.
And most of the boot camp instructors want to get tons of people in each workout to make lots of money and they just hire an “aerobics” instructor instead of a certified fitness professional to teach the class. That’s a recipe for injury like you’ve read above.
A proper boot camp should provide an orientation before you even step foot into the workouts to properly indentify your fitness level and address any concerns you might have with certain exercises.
A proper boot camp should be more like a personal training session tailored to each individual in the group with proper exercise progressions and regressions for each fitness level.
The instructor should be constantly correcting technique and monitoring you instead of participating in the class like an aerobics instructor.
They should provide a proper movement preparation phase like foam rolling and band activation stretching and then go through a proper group warm-up to get the body ready for the workout and a proper cool-down phase to prevent unwanted injuries.
The bad thing about the name “boot camp” is that it’s associated with large group classes that go through a random arrangement of exercises that do nothing but wear you out. There is no scientific training program in place because they change the workouts everyday for so called “muscle confusion”. This makes it hard for the client to learn the proper technique and form for the exercises and they can never build up the skill to do it properly which eventually leads them to get injured and never wanting to be involved with a boot camp again.
There needs to be a scientific training program developed by a certified fitness professional that get results, but more important, keeps you safe.
Now if you want all the bells and whistles that some of the other boot camps have out there and risk not getting results or worse yet, getting injured….then you have the freedom to choose that type of program. But if you want a boot camp that’s more like a group personal training session designed by a professional to keep you safe and get results, then contact us.
Be sure to do your research and know what you’re getting yourself into.
Get after it!
PS- If you want to be a part of the best and most safe fitness boot camp in Lincoln, we have our next orientation this Saturday, July 17th at 10am and we begin a new session of camp on Monday, July 19th. Contact us at 402-910-0743 to schedule your phone consultation.


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