The Method Behind The Madness

We have a great month of new bootcamp workouts locked and loaded for you!

As you know, we spend an inordinate amount of time researching and testing exercise variations and workout templates to best ensure that we bring the cream of the fitness crop your way each and every month.

Lots of other bootcamps simply seek to just beat you down and get you tired with no rhyme or reason behind what they do. This results in limited results and lot of unwanted injuries.

However, everything we do at Capital City Boot Camp is based on sound exercise science and battle-tested, in the trenches real world experience.
I have always felt that it’s important to know why you’re doing what you’re doing when it comes to fitness because it helps reinforce the implementation of the necessary habits to get into the best shape of your life.
So I just wanted to take the time to briefly explain the method behind the madness of the incredible, cutting-edge Continuous 20-Minute Workouts that we are doing this month.
What is it and how do you do it?
Continuous 20-Minutes is a density training bootcamp-style workout where the goal is to perform the same amount of work in less time and/or more work in the same amount of time or less.
Each workout consists of a 4-exercise circuit that works your entire body. Every 2 minutes you will perform 10 reps of each exercise (5 reps/side for unilateral movements) in the circuit as fast as you can with perfect form and technique.
The goal is to complete each circuit within 60-90 seconds and then you rest for the remaining time left in each 2-minute round. In other words, the faster your complete each round the more rest you get and visa versa.
You will perform 10 total rounds for an INSANE 20-minute metabolic workout.
If your completion time is 60 seconds or less then you need to INCREASE the intensity of your workout by increasing loads and/or using more advanced exercise variations
If your completion time is longer than 90 seconds then you need to DECREASE the intensity of your workout by decreasing loads and/or using easier exercise variations
Why does it work?
“Training Density” describes the amount of work completed in a certain period of time. ‘
‘Work” describes total training volume which is the number of reps you perform for each exercise times the loads/exercise variation used to do so.
The more work you complete in the same amount of time the greater the calorie burn and the greater the muscular demand resulting in improved fat loss and lean muscle gain.
To take training density to the next level, seek to complete MORE work in the SAME amount of time or LESS.
Since you must perform 10 reps of each exercise in the 4-exercise circuit, this can be accomplished by either increasing the load used or by using a more advanced exercise variation where applicable from week to week.
In other words:
10 reps for each exercise in the circuit X
4 total exercise within each circuit X
10 total rounds =
400 total reps in 20 minutes
For example, if you used a 10 lb dumbbell for all exercises within the circuit, that means you would have performed 4,000 lbs of work in 20 minutes- Not too shabby! 🙂
However, if you progressed to using a 15 lb dumbbell for all exercises within the circuit by the end of the phase that would mean you performed 6,000 lbs of work in 20 minutes- That’s 2,000 lbs more than you did in your first workout!
Now the only way your body could meet this increased workload is by boosting lean body mass eliminating unwanted body fat. Plus, since your heart rate will be elevated throughout the entire workout, your overall conditioning will go through the roof this phase!
This progressive overload is the key to making your body change. Simply seek to gradually move from Level I to II to III over the course of this month to best ensure you get the most out of your workouts.
Sneak Peak at Capital City Boot Camp Workouts of the Month:
Below is an outline of our workouts of the month.
We will be using a 3-workout rotation with 48-hours between bootcamp workouts for optimal muscle growth and recovery.
Continuous 20 Minutes Density Training
3 Equipment-Based Workouts

Workout A

Workout B

Workout C
Interval Protocol Continuous 20-Minutes Continuous 20-Minutes Continuous 20-Minutes
Exercise Selection and Order Four-Exercise Circuit with 1 Dumbbell (DB):
1- Vertical Jumps Variation- 10 reps (5/side)
2- Spiderman Push-ups Variation- 10 reps (5/side)
3- DB Rotational 1-Leg Deadlift Variation- 10 reps (5/side)
4- DB Alternating Reverse Lunge + Overhead Chop Variation- 10 reps (5/side)
Four-Exercise Circuit with 2 Dumbbells (DB):
1- Skater Jumps Variation- 10 reps (5/side)
2- Scorpion Push-ups Variation- 10 reps (5/side)
3- DB Split Stance Bent-Over Row Variation- Underhand Grip- 10 reps (5/side)
4- DB Lateral Touchdown Lunge + Curl Variation- 10 reps (5/side)
Four-Exercise Circuit with 1 Dumbbell (DB):
1- Rotational Burpee Variation- 10 reps (5/side)
2- Superman Push-ups Variation- 10 reps (5/side)
3- DB Braced Core Squat Variation- 10 reps (5/side)
4- DB 1-Arm Snatch Variation- 10 reps (5/side)
As always, we will be powering our bootcamp workouts with WORKOUT MUSE
The music will tell you exactly what to do so we trainers can do what we do best- coach, supervise, and motivate you to the best results-producing workouts of your life!
Get After It!


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