Should Your Kids Know How To Cook??

I ran across this video about Jamie Oliver a few weeks ago and then I saw his premier of Food Revolution on TV last week.

I think this video and what Jamie’s trying to do really opens parent’s eyes to what types of food the school system is feeding their kids. It also shows the importance of teaching your kids how to eat healthy and cook food.

I think one of the biggest reasons our nation has become so overweight and obese is because of the lack of knowledge about how to cook and that’s just being passed down to the younger generation and has led to the dramatic rise in childhood obesity.

Before the 1970’s, most families still valued cooking meals at home and sitting down together at the kitchen table. After the 70’s, this became less of an occurance and it’s rare today for families to sit down and have meals together. Nobody wants to spend the time to prepare the food as a family. Instead, families are eating more prepackaged, processed and fast food that comes in a can or box. So as a consequence, people don’t know how to cook and it’s really becoming a problem.

And the food that kids are getting in the school system for breakfast and lunch is all “fake” packaged food washed down with a nice carton of sugar loaded milk. And I’m not bashing the schools because they are working hard and doing what they are told by the government. But it always seems to be about the cheapest and the fastest way to do things. We need to have higher standards.

So do you think we should be concerned by this here in Lincoln?  

Check out this video!

So what do you think about this topic, not having kids myself I’m curious what your thoughts are?

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