Healthy Eating On The Go- Runza

So if you’re like me and constantly on the go during the day, you probably don’t have much time to cook a healthy meal in the middle of your day. So you turn to fast food as your next alternative…and yes, restaurants are still fast food 🙂

Obviously fast food is not the ideal choice for getting lean and sexy, but we don’t live in an ideal world. The facts are that people are busy and convenience will always trump anything else when it comes to eating.

So here’s the dilemma. How are you supposed to stay on your healthy diet and go out to eat at the same time?

Well you can for the most part and not feel guilty about it. As long as you stick to the basics and make the healthiest choices possible, you will still be on track to a healthy and fit body.

In this video I went to Runza for a quick lunch.

Here is a typical order at Runza
1/4 lb. Legend Supreme- 770 calories, 37g fat, 46g protein, 32g carbs
Large Fries- 630 calories, 35g fat, 7g protein, 70g carbs
Medium Pepsi- 230 calories, 74g carbs

So let’s do the nutritional math….
This one meal equals-
1630 calories!
72 grams of fat!
53 grams of protein
176 grams of carbs

Now considering the average person needs to consume 2000 calories, this one meal takes care of 80% of your caloric needs!

Now see what other options you have available to you:

Now here’s what I got:
Deluxe Chicken Sandwich (Grilled)- 380 calories, 12g fat, 29g protein, 40g carbs
Side Salad- 30 calories, 1g fat, 2g protein, 4g carbs
Iced Tea (medium)- 0 calories, 0 fat,protein,carbs

Grand Total- 410 calories, 13g fat, 31g protein, 44g carbs

Here’s the link to Runza’s nutrition info:

Be aware of what you’re putting into your body and make the healthy choice.

Get after it!

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