Toilets, Coffins, and Ambulances…Oh My!!

How have we let it get this bad??

I was reading an article in Men’s Health this morning that kind of amazed me but didn’t suprise me at all. It was about the frightening obesity epidemic among the Aussies. About 40% of their population is either overweight or obese.It’s getting so bad that certain industries in Australia have to “supersize” thier products to accomodate for heavier people.

The iconic outback air ambulance, The Royal Flying Doctors, just announced last month that their planes can’t take off the runway because people are too big! Their current planes can’t lift off with people who weigh more than 308 lbs. So they are getting bigger planes that can hold a 572 lb patient!! Can you imagine not getting medical care because you are too big and the plane can’t take off! Well it’s a reality.

Here are some other things getting “supersized” to deal with the expanding waistlines in Australia:

Coffins are being built to fit bigger people. Standard coffins are growing from 18 inches across the shoulder to 20 inches.

Toilets are busting all across the Outback. They are now trying to make toilet seats triple in stength to hold those larger derrieres.
So back to my original question…How have we let it get this bad??

Personally, I feel a large part of it has to do with technology. We are in the age of new technology that makes things more convienent and quicker than ever before.

I mean, c’mon, you can program a robot to stroll along and vacuum your floor while you check your email on your laptop, order a pepperoni pizza online to be delivered to your front door…all while your watching the Biggest Loser on TV and eating a bag of chips.

Think that what’s going on in Australia isn’t our problem…well think again. Last year alone Americans grew fatter in 37 states.

And where does Nebraska rank? Well, according to, we are the 18th fattest state in America! A whopping 64.7% of us Huskers are either overweight or obese! Not something to be bragging about.

So let’s get up off our butts and get moving. Make a conscious decision about what your putting in your mouth and make a commitment to yourself that you will become a healthier person and be the role model for your family and friends to look up to.

Here is a quick workout you can do at home without any equipment:

You will perform each exercise at a maximal intensity for 50s, then take a 10s rest and transition. Perform the exercises in order for a total of five minutes. You can repeat this 5 exercise circuit four times for a total of 20 minutes.

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Push-Ups
3. High-Knee Run In Place
4. Prisoner Squats
5. Front Plank

Get after it!


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